M1 issue.mlpreressor~ no such object

Hello Flucoma community,
Excited to get started, but some issues to deal with first:
I have installed the flucoma package on both my M1 Pro (12.1) and M1 Air (11.2.1).
File directory in Max is set correctly. And, I do use Rosetta for some of my older externals.
However I get the “no such objects” for some of the objects (ml.progressor, dataset, standardize).
Did anyone encounter this. How to fix it? Thanks!


The FluCoMa folder needs to be in the package folder. it won’t work anywhere else. Is it there?

Thanks. That was a quick answer! and it fixed it.
It was not in the package (for some reason I never use the package folder but create another file path with imported externals…).

The only error I get now with mlpregressor~ is “hidden is not a valid attribute argument”, which I imagine is a minor error…?


hidden is now ‘hiddenlayers’

Is the patch you are trying to load from around here? we changed the interface a few months ago (hidden conflicts with Max’s own attribute of the same name)