M4l devices & new sounds


I recently released a live-electronics EP using some of the flucoma-powered m4l devices here. These were developed mainly for realtime use in my practice. Check them out if you haven’t done already.

The main dish is Presence 101, for clarinet and live electronics. Written over a year and a half, it was premiered by the amazing clarinetist Tomomi Kubota.

The piece uses this score follower device for triggering a realtime additive synthesis using frame-lib (the analysed sound is filtered around the midi notes outputted from the follower). Then, using some custom MC routing inside Live, each harmonic is binaurally spatialised using Ircam’s Panolive devices. It’s a first attempt at doing this in realtime, so re-synthesis is more “glitchy” than hifi so far.

The MC re-synthesis stage is done using sine waves at this point. However, now I’m mutating the system so that all the data will travel through MPE instead of MC. This might be more fun from a sound-design perspective, but so far it has been cpu-hell (any advice on frequency to mpe polyphony will be appreciated!).

The other piece is for “feedback violin” and live-electronics (work in progress), and is widely documented in this video.

Thanks to Alex Harker for the help & all the flucoma dev team for the amazing tools & docs!