Mac Catalina Security obnoxiousness


Is there a way to avoid this whole thing when I drop a new folder into the extensions folder? It’s soooo many mouse clicks!

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You can turn off SIP in the command line super easy. I don’t run with it on but that suits my level of security just fine.

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Thanks @jamesbradbury! Also, this, compliments of @spluta (personally untested…I just kept on clickin’)

So wait, does this mean the flucoma works on Catalina? What about Big Sur? What about King’s Canyon? Will it work on the A12 mac?


From what I’ve seen there has been some sneaky ARM compile work done on the flucoma-core stuff. There will also be a translational layer between the new ARM architecture using universal binaries.

To make any of the stuff thats broken because of signing work you just need to turn off gatekeeper.

run csrutil disable in the terminal in recovery mode which you can get to by:

  1. Restart
  2. Hold Cmd + R
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