Made with FluCoMa: Double Launch Today!

Dear all

We are happy to announce two new strands for inspiring thoughts and musics, intertwined with FluCoMa (ab)use today:

Firstly, a preview of the seven pieces premiered last summer, remixed and re-edited by Angela Guyton. A short clip to show an overview of what ties in all the works together. We plan to release a piece every other week, starting next week with the duet of Alice Eldridge and Chris Kiefer. Watch it here:

Secondly, a new series of “Made with FluCoMa" articles where @jacob.hart explains and showcases the relation between the musicking, the underlying thinking, and the creative coding. To start with a bang, we release two today: Oliver Pasquet and Lauren Hayes, and plan to release a new one every other week.

I hope you enjoy them. We’ll update this thread with new releases as they come.


Good job on the team! And always happy to hear @a.harker, brilliant man!


You are too kind @DominicThibault !


Out now: the first of the pieces that premiered last July is now available to stream. @alicee and @Chriskiefer, aka Feedback Cell, play FeedbackFeedforward, where ‘a self-resonating feedback cello is coupled with an analogue synth via audio and adaptive machine listening and machine learning algorithms’

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Hello all!

I’ve not polluted this thread with all the releases - we reserve that for social media :slight_smile:

A quick note that you can find the 7 premieres now online on this youtube playlist, and 6 in-depth articles (with demo code) and 3 interview/podcasts, all by @jacob.hart. on the ‘Explore’ section of our learn platform

I hope you enjoy and congrats to all artists involved!