Max MC wrapper versions?


I don’t know if this was discussed, or if it is at all possible, but are there multichannel wrapper versions of the flucoma objects? I’m thinking particularly the audio processing ones for stereo use (hpss, audiotransport, etc) or the ones outputting onsets, for more granular stuff with the new 8.3 features.


We haven’t yet, because we’d need to take the time to make sure that we wouldn’t break Max 7 support in some unforeseen way.

However, it’s actually quite easy to set up (you possibly know this already, so please excuse redundancy if so).

  • Make a new file in the package init folder. Call it mc-mappings.txt or something (doesn’t really matter)
  • For each object you want to map, add an line of the form
    max objectfile mc.<flucoma object name> mc.wrapper~ <flucoma object name>;


max objectfile mc.fluid.hpss~ mc.wrapper~ fluid.hpss~; 
max objectfile mc.fluid.onsetslice~ mc.wrapper~ fluid.onsetslice~; 

I’ve tried it in the past and it seems to work fine, but I haven’t tested at all extensively.


I did not, but this is amazing (and it’s working). Thanks a lot!

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