Max/MSP: unable to locate `fluid.waveform~`

I am trying to wirk through the (really detailed, thanks!) tutorial at Building a 2D Corpus Explorer (Part 1) - YouTube and it mentions fluid.waveform~. unfortunately, it doesn’t show up when I tyoe it and I get a

newobj: fluid.waveform~: No such object

error in the console, although I see it in the jsui directory.
I just downloaded the binary release over at github (1.0.0-TB2 beta5).

Any help would be highly appreciated; I am sure I am doing something stupidly wrong (not a savvy max user after all…)

edit: I am, however, able to open the help file and in there the JSUI is displayed (and works as expected).

Are you on Max 7 by any chance? If so, I’m afraid you’ll need to write
jsui @filename fluid.waveform~

heya, no, this is max 8, latest release…

Hmm, weird.

  • FluidCorpusManipulation folder is in Max 8/Packages ?
  • Have you tried restarting Max?
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ha thanks; I moved it to Library not to Packages. Moving it to Packages solves the difficulties. :slight_smile:

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