Max package 1.06 Missing objects (?)


When exploring the demonstration patches for " FluCoMa and Musicological Analysis" (Jacob Hart Examples) I noticed that the Corpus Exploration patch was not working. Investigation revealed that [fluid.segmentcorpus] object was not instantiated (“No such object”). Further investigation showed there was a help file, but no external. Opening all help files reveals that a few other objects also have help files but no external. (Screenshot below)

If the objects and help files are just fossils, remnants, or shadows, NBD, though perhaps a note in the article would be nice. I didn’t see the externals in earlier package versions either.



oh it looks like we need to do some maintenance of that example code indeed… @jacob.hart will I cry when I open the patches?

We could extract those abstractions from git and supply them with the patch. I wonder where else these might be referenced :thinking:
To be honest, I know I wasn’t that fond of the abstractions while they were part of the package but maybe we can revisit…

I’ve filed a bug here.


the download link now includes the missing abstractions. it should work if redownloaded. let us know.

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