Max+SC: version 1.0.0-TB2.beta2 is out!


So here is another version, with loads of little changes to help exploring various descriptor spaces.

As now usual, available on github:



Change log:

  • New object: (buf)chroma for pitch class histograms

  • New overview of all objects

  • Log frequency and power magnitude options in SpectralShape

  • Log output option to melbands

  • Change of MFCC outs

  • change of unit of rolloff and new parameter to set the value (instead of fixed to 95%)

  • Some protection against thread conflicts in the dataset objects

  • Pitch new default when no pitch detected (0 Hz or -999midi)

  • Fixed Cosine distances in Onset and MDS

  • Fix in PCA for size=dimcount

  • Max: basic hints for inlets and outlets

Known bugs:

Windows (Max + SC): Pitch’s Yin algo yields a few error frames at its start, but not every time. This also affects Novelty by Pitch. We’re chasing.

Linux (SC): SpectralShape has infrequent random outputs. We’re chasing that one too.

Windows (Max): bufthreaddemo is not working well. The real threading is working but the explanation object is not.

Linux (SC): example 13 (massive parallelisation) is not working.


The chroma one should make @spluta happy — I remember yonks ago he said it would be cool. Unless… you’ve given up on pitch already?

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