(Max) The convolution tools are now out in version 2!

Some of you will have used them extensively, some of you will not know apart from my talk at the first plenary, but the HISSTools Impulse Response Toolkit designed by @a.harker (and Pete and myself) is now in Max’s package manager… it also has a feature on Cycling 74’s page (thanks to @gregory !)




These tools are great. Thank you to all the hard work that goes into them. I cannot afford Altiverb, and everything else between that and the freeware is not suitable or modifiable enough.

I use this little patch for auditioning spaces and keeping presets which someone else may find useful. Inputs can be piped via Max send~ or through something like JACK/soundflower/blackhole convolution_verb.maxpat.zip (5.1 KB)

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