Minimum requirements for FluiCoMa in Pd?

Hello Forum and FluiCoMa team. My first post will be a simple question, what are the minimum requirements for this package. I am runing MX linux 19 (Debian 10 based sys) on an 2013 i5 Dell Latitude with 8 gb of ram. I have installed everything to run FluiCoMA in Pd, however with most of the examples and help files, as soon as I turn on the audio the whole computer freezes. It only takes opening the overview file to force a hard shutdown of my laptop because it becomes completely un responsive. I understand that it is a non real time package (in the majority) but this seems to be to much. Maybe I am completely outdated with my hardware and wont be able to run this smoothly, but then again maybe there is something I can do to make things work a bit better.

congratulations on what seems to be a great package of tools


Hello and welcome!

The minimum requirements of the binary we provide are AVX which I’m pretty sure your machine doesn’t support… but there is a simple instruction to compile for your own processor which is painless and downloads all the required dependencies… I would recommend trying that, the GitHub is quite well documented on how to compile it all in 3 lines…

hello tremblap

thanks for the welcome and the reply. I suspected it has something to do with my hardware. I will try to compile later in the week and report back if I run into any issues.

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