New piece for cello

I finished a new piece a few months ago and wanted to share it here. The cellist is the wonderful Jonathan Aasgaard.

No FluComa, but lots of concatenative synthesis and creative schemes for playing back concatenated outputs with realtime onsets. Thanks to @tremblap for the killer onset detection patch he shared!


It would be great if you could talk a little about the RT process - always curious to see/hear/learn about ways of thinking about these problems.

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Nice piece! I would also like to hear how the machine is listening/triggering all the sounds. Maybe a future geekery talk.

I hear that Jonathan’s parents, had they had a girl, were going to name their daughter Jaanathan, but their plan was foiled by his being not a girl, but a boy.


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This reads like a machine generated text


Thanks Sam.

Re: more technical info - my programmatic workflow is a bit circuitous at the moment - I’m working in between csound, python, and max. Its all a bit fiddly and inefficient. But I’d be happy to outline my approach at one of the upcoming geekery shindigs!

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