New webpage for the project

you might like this :wink: there are 3 top right buttons that are hidden for now and until we go public: download/learn/discuss

Your names will appear there as soon as we announce them more publicly. I’m told your first plenary presentations will be sent to you soon too!

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This is what it looks like on Safari/Firefox.

Is it supposed to be so obscenely large?

Yes :smile: It’s been designed by a designer. It’s not that large on all the pages

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The text is as large as the ‘hamburger menu’ is small.

Not a huge fan of the hamburger menu paradigm for desktop webpages, but /shrug. Can’t fight every fight!

It looks good, it just looks like a layout that was designed for a phone, but is being viewed on a desktop browser.

Hamburger menus hardly seem radical for desktop sites – use them once you’re in an article, for instance:

Funnily enough, exactly the same size burger as ours :smile: Nonetheless, given that I had such a menu in the works for the KE, good to know you aren’t a fan (although you may get it anyway).

It’s definitely commonly used, but then again, so is “the ribbon”. Doesn’t mean it looks good or navigates well. (it’s a lot of wasted space, and no actual indication of what the categories might be before clicking it)

Either way, this is not a subject worth navel gazing about.

if you need a fight, please join mine, click on the hamburger and try to decide if the menu should use more or less space.

Like on the actual browser window itself, or between the categories?

I mean, half the width of the page is pretty crazy big, as is the gratuitous font size. Again, this probably looks amazing on an phone screen…

Can it be made larger with also larger font?


it can be anything, I think larger and bigger font would be OK for a phone, but for a desktop I would expect it to use the kind of space used by the hamburger menu currently at your top right.

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I realize size was already been discussed, and the does look quite similar, but quite interestingly their close button does not work.

To be fair, the webpage’s has a significantly smaller footprint in terms of what their hamburger does when it slides out and related font sizes.