Nmfmorph crashes and hangs

Whilst the help file seems to work, whenever I replace the source buffers and attempt to redo the process I get either an audio thread crash, or a hang.

This happened in the plenary - I think I’m on the latest version, but it is still happening with completely different sound files. I necessary I can provide stuff, but it’s so frequent that I’d imagine you can just replace with something else.

It’s seems to be the case that the files I’m loading are 32bit float, but I don’t see why that would matter.

to know which version, the version message to any object will tell you (alpha06 is the latest)
if that is the case, can you send a file to reproduce, so I can see if we fixed it on the tip?

I am on latest and I have sent files.

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I just went to play with this and can confirm that on latest everything (Max 8.1.7), just pressing the 1 and then trying to select a new target hangs Max.

In fact, the crash happened mid-matrixctl graphic render:

I had to go back and test, but that’s what matrixctrl looks like while you are pressing the mouse, but before releasing.

I presume it is the problem of not continuing the discussion here. @a.harker provided audio, we can reproduce in some cases and @groma will look at it on the mid-term radar. With my version it is less crashy but that won’t help you yet.

The hang for me by literally opening the patch and hitting the bang labelled with the 1. So using the default/included examples.

Is this on Max 8.1.7? Not seeing this at all on 8.1.6. If you’re on Catalina (or maybe even Mojave), console.app has a ‘spin reports’ bit that might give a clue on what it was beach balling on.

I’ll check again on my studio computer.

In a curious turn of events, it opens and works fine on my laptop, which is on the same exact Max/OS combo (10.14.6 + 8.1.7).

Ok, checking again and now it’s working fine on my studio computer too. Yesterday, it was 100% reproducable. Open patch, press 1, press matrixctrl and instant hang.

There are some gremlins or at least a heisenbug.

I’ve got Max 8.1.8 handy here, so I’ll update and see if that works ok there.
edit: working fine there…

@a.harker, was the crash always consistent for you? I, too, remember getting initial crashes back then but I’ve not really played with this much since then.

cool concept, thanks!

@groma can reproduce and it is his code, so for now until we call it fixed, consider this thread suspended.

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