(not) for kids: CrashCourse series on Artificial Intelligence

My son is addicted to that channel, which is quite good in general, if a little to ‘kidz-street-kredz’ on this particular series, but some very interesting thoughts are brought forward, for those who have not read anything about AI from a practical perspective (from the 2nd show)


watching the full series is good for both the knowledge, and my patience (the tone is irritatingly dumb and aimed at teenagers…)

I have to say, this series is recommended to everyone know wants the basics very well explained. The tone is very irritating but the content is spot on! Maybe I should do a version for adults.

It’s good to have pop-info things like this out there, though I was a bit less than impressed by them having an episode glorifying entrepreneurship.

Way off-topic for this forum, but I’m super dubious of techo/info-literacy stuff that has a neoliberal framing/angle (ala Gates, Pinker, NdGTyson) and paints it as “neutrally informative”. I’ve not seen many Crash Course videos, so it could be the entrepreneurship is an anomaly, but it gives me pause either way.

They tend to be quite funny (the first two series were history and science) - usually critical but with a techno-positive bias, and an American entrepreneurship enthusiasm for some series indeed… the whole Google University scheme they are part of is quite similar but such quality knowledge is to be commanded even if imperfect. Check one episode of each of the original series to see the tone and depth, it is quite intense even when you know about the subject :wink: