Printcolumn / printrow for fluid.dataset~

First, I have to say I love the current print interface, as it mitigates much of the need (or even desire) for double-clicking a fluid.dataset~ to see what’s in it.

The truncated ‘extremes’ of the print view are useful to get a rough idea of what you’re looking at.

A useful extension to that would be the inclusion of printrow and printcolumn messages, that just take an index.

As I discovered in this potential bug report, sometimes you can get weird values that aren’t at the very extreme of your fluid.dataset~

Obviously this can get really long, depending on the data type, so you can perhaps cap it at 32k entries (or maybe something more sensibly short), but there have been plenty of times I wished I could more easily see what was across any given axis without having to do a bunch of datatransformation to get it into a fluid.buf2list-able state (say, if I only want one row).