Problem With some of the flucoma objects

Hey, Im new to this, i downloaded Flucoma package in max, and started to follow the tutorials that i found in your youtube channel ( ) unfortunately, i had some trouble with some of the objects, ( fluid.dataset~ to be precise) even though i downloaded the package in max, it still showed me in a red color. any ideas what might be the problem ?

Hi @Xutkunchula,

Greetings! My first thought is to make sure that the FluidCorpusManipulation folder is in the Documents / Max 8 / Packages folder? Did you download it from the Package Manager? Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?


yes i downloaded from package manager,

thats what i see when i try to use dataset object

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Huh, that’s a weird one because the other flucoma objects are working! I vaguely remember someone else having this problem as well, but I can’t remember what the solution was. Maybe @jamesbradbury @tremblap or @weefuzzy remembers?

A few guesses:

  1. try deleting the FluidCorpusManipulation folder in the Packages folder and try re-installing it?’
  2. delete the folder and try downloading the package from the github?
  3. try a complete reinstall of Max (and any/all packages you use)?

Hi @Xutkunchula

Looks like there’s an error message waiting in the Max console, can we see it?

Also, have you tried restarting Max since installing the package?

Think @weefuzzy is probably on to it here. I sense if you restart Max, things might work. If that doesn’t solve it please send us a screenshot of the Max console.