Problems with mac m1 (supercollider)


I am working on a m1 mac and when i put the folder in my extensions folder the server crashes. I have been trying to work around this but haven’t found a solution that works. I read somewhere it has something to do with rosetta 2 or something like that. Do you think there is any possibility to get it working on my system?


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I’d love to help but I’m not update to scratch with compiling for SC yet. Is this using the current download located at our front page? If so, it might be that its compiled with AVX on which makes anything running under Rosetta unhappy and crash.

@weefuzzy do you know what is going on?

Thanks for the quick answer! Yes it is the current download. Ahaa i see.

Yes, it sounds like it will be that the beta 2 package is on AVX, so makes Rosetta 2 bail.

@NiklasDahlqvist We’ve abandoned AVX in the next release, to avoid this problem. The next beta will be out very soon, but if you fancy having a go at compiling in the meantime we could help you do that.

Ok! Yes i would love some help with that, thank you!

Happy to. Do you have Xcode or the Xcode command line tools installed already?

(if you have homebrew installed, it’s quite likely it already installed the command line tools at some point)

You’ll also need git and cmake (which are most simply installed via homebrew)

Yes i have all of those installed!

Brilliant. So, the thing to do is to

  1. have the supercollider source code downloaded / cloned somewhere

  2. git clone the flucoma sc repo at GitHub - flucoma/flucoma-sc: Fluid Corpus Manipulation plugins for Supercollider

  3. Make a note of where the SC source is; go to the flucoma-sc directory and

mkdir build 
cd build 
cmake -DSC_PATH=<sc src directory> -DFLUID_ARCH=-msse -DCMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURE=x64 ..
make install

If all goes well, then a package with everything will have been put together at <flucoma-sc>/install/FluidCorpusManipulation, I think

If there’s errors (hope not!), then we’ll unpick them…


Hmm i followed the steps but i keep getting this error:

Fatal Python error: init_sys_streams: is a directory, cannot continue

Python runtime state: core initialized

Do you understand whats wrong? sorry i am a complete mess when it comes to terminal.

Hmm, Python shouldn’t be involved at all as far as I know! Perhaps CMake is trying to use it for something.

There should be a file in your build folder builld/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log. Could you attach that and I’ll have a look at what CMake did. Also build/CMakeCache.txt

hmm there is no such file, only -DFLUID_ARCH=-msse

Ah, ok, sounds like something went funny before CMake ran. In your build folder, if you do ls to list the contents what do you see?

I managed to get it to work!! Thank you so much for your help!


Great, thanks for having a go!