Pure data, 2D plot, spectral shape & loudness in a grid


I tried to analyze spectral shapes & loudness of a bunch of slices and
plot them as a grid, my intention was to have them sorted with loudness on the
x axis, and spectral shape on the y axis, in order to navigate through a corpus
with 2 knobs. I fail at transforming my dataset into a grid, if some Pure Data fluent
Fluid Corpus Manipulator could take a look at my patch and help me that would
be great!


fluid2dDbSpectreHELP.pd (9.1 KB)

I found out how to turn the points into a grid, but I’m not sure the
patch does what I intended, I tested with different material but
I guess I’m missing something…

fluid2dDbSpectreHELP.pd (9.1 KB)


Your patch seems to be working here (with 20 slices). Have you had a look at the helpfile (which has colours which demonstrate the ‘spreading in a grid’ of the space?

This example in this site is also very graphic: Learn FluCoMa

Let me know what is unclear, I’ll try to explain better.

hello, what I was unsure about was if the points where sorted as I wanted ( loudness & spectral shape on x & y ) adding the cluster colours made it much clearer thank you!

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