Question to all: is a ❤ too little feedback nuance options? (with a POLL to ask you all!)

now, call me a-child-of-the-70s-who-likes-multiple-emotions but I like everyone-but-X-twitter more than one emoticon as quick nod.

I am certain that I could add more to here, but what is your vibe:

  • yes, give me alllllll the emotions
  • nah, I’m alright with just-the-heart-as-thumbs-up
  • I’m easy either way

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This is what I had in mind:

On lines there was a discussion recently about removing (or hiding) the hearts, which I liked. It gets a bit exhausting with everything kind of gamified etc…

On discord and messaging apps its a bit different as everything is fleeting, so it’s just a quick reaction to a passing comment, whereas on a forum it’s more static, and more a static indicator of approval.

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I hope you love the :heart: I’ve just given to your rebuttal, as it will document forever that I appreciate an honest exchange of ideas :grin: