Quick NMF toolbox


I’m sharing a bit of a toolbox I needed to code to use my favourite examples from the helpfiles plus some interpolated additive synthesis from the various nmf decomposition. It was mostly for me, right in the middle of a compositional process where I wanted to be able to resynthesise dirty (noise) and clean (peaks) part of a complex sound, so having a quick way to record/import, mess about with fft and number of components until I was able to choose something I want my ear/poking, then process. It worked :slight_smile:

Special props to @weefuzzy for helping me to make the interpolation more streamline.

I left the explanation quite bare so this is for intermediate users and they should still be helpful. If not, feel free to ask and I’ll improve them accordingly.


nmf-process-public-v1.zip (13.9 KB)