"Quote" feature broken?

Don’t know if this is happening to anyone else, but if I select a single word, or a couple words in someone else’s post, I get the normal “quote” hover thing, like this:

But if I select a whole paragraph, the “quote” hover goes away:

Ah right, in testing, it seems that if the “quote”-ed test includes an @ or some text it seems to break the “quote” function.

Can someone else test this to see if it’s just me?

indeed it is a ‘new’ behaviour. I’m sure a new update of discourse will sort this. I can update tomorrow first thing (when people sleep)

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Just updated, not sorted. It is on meta: https://meta.discourse.org/t/unable-to-quote-multiple-paragraphs/165487/ so should be fixed.

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It looks like the same problem is happening on lines, so it’ll be a discourse-level thing.

let me know if they find a solution over there and I’ll upgrade

I haven’t seen any meta/moderator chat about it, but noticed someone mentioning it and tested it myself. But will do.

This is now fixed.

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