ReaCoMa tutorials (FluCoMa in REAPER)

Hi everyone,

Today is the release the marks the beginning of the ReaCoMa tutorial series. Many of you installed this at the plenary throughout the last year but for anyone new who isn’t in the loop it’s an implementation of toolbox 1 inside REAPER as ReaScripts. These first few tutorials introduce the package, and then give detailed steps on installation and configuration. In future tutorials I’ll be getting into the nitty gritty of algorithms and looking at how you could code around the library I made to create your own workflows and processes that leverage the tools.

The playlist of the videos is here:

and the website for ReaCoMa


For anyone who likes to be up to date I just fixed ReaCoMa to work with the newest beta7 binaries. There are breaking changes so you’ll need to update both things.