Reaper script path error v2

Hi James, I also experienced a Reaper path error on MacOS (10.14) but different from that already flagged and with a different solution:

  • Error: Reaper wont accept the path to /bin at all.
  • Solution: it seems like there is an error in the file lib/paths.lua

Line 38 in lib/paths.lua reads:
if opsys == “Win64” or “Win32” then f = “/fluid-noveltyslice.exe” end

It should be:
if opsys == “Win64” or opsys == “Win32” then f = “/fluid-noveltyslice.exe” end

I’m no lua expert, but the change seems to solves the problem.


Oh, this is why you shouldn’t write code when the sun goes down! Thanks for catching this. I’m pushing a change that makes this fix mainline now.

Hope you enjoy ReaCoMa!

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Et voila