Reaper script path error


I am following James’ youtube tutorials on using FluCoMa in Reaper and I hit a road bump right up front.
I put the ReaCoMa-master in the Scripts folder of Reaper as instructed. I put the Download of FluCoMa Command line on my desktop and gave the bin folder’s address as path and:

paths:lua:43: attempt to concatenate a nil value (filed “?”)

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help!


Ok, I again solved it by myself, but just in case anybody gets this error again:

New OS on Mac don’t support 32-bit anymore. I recently upgraded to 10.14 and forgot that I had both Reaper and Reaper64 installed. While Reaper version reports the above stated error, Reaper64 works like a charm.

Cheers to everyone,

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Glad you sorted that one out. I haven’t come across this one but I’ll keep it in my notes in case someone else comes up against it.

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