Release! FluCoMa Toolkit Beta 6

Beta6 Release

Hi everyone,

Today we are releasing Beta6 of the Fluid Corpus Manipulation Toolkit.

Get the newest releases here below :point_down:


A Quick Round Up

Plotter Zoom

Max and SuperCollider fluid.plotter and FluidPlotter now have “drag to zoom” features allowing you to manually embiggen areas of interest in your plots. See the help files and documentation for information on how to do this.

Max fluid.waveform~ improvements

The fluid.waveform~ object would ocassionally be broken and put into an unfixable state if incorrectly formatted messages were sent to it. The internals are much more robust now and provide you with warnings and errors where it needs to. Furthermore, there is a simpler interface for interacting with fluid.waveform~ (that is backwards compatible with the older more wordy one). See the help file for all the changes.

and…:drum: :drum: :drum: :drum: :drum: :drum: :drum: :drum:

New Realtime and Non-Realtime Slicer Features

Many of the segmentation/slicing objects calculate a set of features (or time series) under the hood. Many people have asked if we can extract those out of the objects to help inform tweaking the slicers or to play with as features in their own right. Thus a new suite of objects have been made to accomodate this. Meet:

Max PureData SuperCollider Realtime Non-realtime
fluid.bufonsetfeature~ fluid.bufonsetfeature FluidBufOnsetFeature :x: :white_check_mark:
fluid.bufnoveltyfeature~ fluid.bufnoveltyfeature FluidBufNoveltyFeature :x: :white_check_mark:
fluid.bufampfeature~ fluid.bufampfeature FluidBufAmpFeature :x: :white_check_mark:
fluid.onsetfeature~ fluid.onsetfeature~ FluidOnsetFeature :white_check_mark: :x:
fluid.noveltyfeature~ fluid.noveltyfeature~ FluidNoveltyFeature :white_check_mark: :x:
fluid.ampfeature~ fluid.ampfeature~ FluidAmpFeature :white_check_mark: :x:

These objects are related to the slicing objects which share the same algorithm name. So FluidBufNoveltyFeature will give you a novelty curve which FluidBufNoveltySlice uses under the hood. FluidBufOnsetFeature will give you a feature curve that describes the change between spectral frames: the one that FluidBufOnsetSlice uses to determine changes in the signal. There are also realtime variants of these, allowing you to retrieve these features as streams / lists / scalars.

We hope to have some examples and vignettes of how these objects can be used creatively in the future.

:no_entry: Breaking Changes :no_entry:

  • FluidNoveltySlice and BufNoveltySlice no longer have the parameter features. It has been renamed to algorithm.

Other Changes

  • fluid.plotter in Max should have more distinctive default colour schemes for painting clusters.
  • fixed an issue in Max where dumping an empty dataset would cause a crash.

All I can add is that, for those who do not live in the dangerous land of the nightly builds there are a lot of small bug fixes here and there too, thank to the immense works by the fantastic team (@tedmoore @jamesbradbury @weefuzzy) and also a few public pull requests on GitHub that start to come, which is a great news for the future of our community!

Finally, PureData has all the same objects but one (fluid.waveform) with all the same features (except a few beautiful ones on fluid.plotter) - the helpfiles are very uneven, but I am working slowly on them. If anyone knows a fluent PureData FluCoMa user who wants a short term coding job, please PM me :slight_smile:


We’re sorted thanks!