Saving a Json with fluid.dataset

Hello all!

Just a quick question, I would like to save a .json file containing the info of a dataset so that i can recall it when i reaload the patch with a read message. The thing is that i want to write it automatically after the dataset is created on a external drive with a path message. It seems like on Mac, when you want to save a .json file on an external drive the path message should NOT include the name of the disk where you want to save it. In this case i cannot write my file on my external disk, it will always go on my main drive on my Mac.
I’ve tried it on a PC and you can include the name of the disk in the path message so everything works fine on a PC. Am I the only one with this problem ? is there a way to solve this problem ?

Thanks alot !


I think this is a Max problem? You can definitely write a full path on Mac OS (I do it all the time) and also get away with just a file name (which will save in the same folder than the host patcher). I don’t know on Windows the Max b