Show at Produit Rien

Hey All! Me and @EBarganier are doing a show tomorrow at Produit Rien, both using FluCoMa tools (Myself in Max and Erich in SuperCollider)

I’ll share some code after the show - and should we forward some of the video docs to the FluCoMa team as well? Let us know!

Hope to see some of you there,


yes please!

Great! Will do


Sorry for the delay! Was hoping to get more footage than has shown up so far. Sadly the iPhone filled up during my set, and the angle isn’t great - but I’ll be doing a more professional video later in May once I have some time to do so.

Happy to say the show went quite well!

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Here’s the github repo with my performance code from the show.

I’m using a leap motion to do hand tracking data, then sending that info over OSC to some expansions I made on the FluCoMa plotter tutorial patch, which allows for the sounds to panned in 4 channels. Originally I had played around with doing a 3D dimension reduction, but I found using 2D and one axis to control the playback speed from Max to be a more transparent gesture set for the audience.

The sound sources are a bunch of foley recordings from the GlitchMachines Polygon2 VST.

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I love these ideas of curated dimensions - nice use case!