[slightly OT] Virtual Hackspace this Friday

Hello everyone,

This post is somewhat off topic but I have been given approval from the higher ups to shill a small gathering that usually takes place on Friday afternoons in Huddersfield (thank you FluCoMa(s)). <3

Given that we are in lock down and doing excellent social distancing these meet ups are running online. Often these sessions are very casual but this week is extra special as a fellow student at Huddersfield will be giving an in depth tutorial and crash course on his domain specific language “Omni”, a DSL that compiles its own ‘omni’ code into objects for popular creative coding environments Supercollider and Max (more to come!). It’s an exciting new way to develop cross environment and cross OS objects as there is compatibility with windows, mac and linux across both environments. The tutorial will start at the very basics - from installation all the way up to coding some more gnarly bits of DSP.

The place for this meeting will be here at 2pm - 5pm Friday GMT + 0

If you want to come prepared take a look at the code (links below) and at least make sure you come with a sliver of command line chops.