Slowly going public... Beta01 for Max and SuperCollider is here!

Dear all

First, an apology to PureData and CLI users: we are late on your platforms so you don’t get the dataset and machine learning stuff yet. We hope to get it out as soon as possible but it is still months away. Sorry!

Second, an exciting news for Max and SuperCollider users, on MacOS, Windows64, and Linux64: we’re in public beta! That means that you can download the release from GitHub, or the website, and send it along. The list of changes is quite huge and we made a shorter version here.

Max: Release TB2-beta01 · flucoma/flucoma-max · GitHub

SC: Release TB2-beta01 · flucoma/flucoma-sc · GitHub

Now this is not the ‘real release’ in the sense that we won’t publish like mad on all fora. There are still things we’d like to improve on some elements. But we need your feedback on what’s already there and you can give it to your friends, students, clients, etc.

We hope you enjoy!

Owen, Gerard, P.A.


TB2 Beta 01

April 2021

All Hosts

New Objects

  • BufSTFT: Run a STFT or ISTFT on a buffer
  • BufSelect and BufSelectEvery: cherry picking from Buffers


  • Descriptors objects: Now have adjustable padding (none, window / 2, window - hop)
  • DataSet: one step conversion to / from Buffer + access to IDs as LabelSet
  • KMeans: Easy access to means and distances; incremental fitting
  • PCA: allow transformation to same dimensions as input
  • DataSet: new setPoint message for updating extant points, or creating new point if needed
  • Slicers: Improved latency calculations and accuracy of Buffer versions
  • BufFlatten: Now handles Buffer sub-ranges
  • BufScale: Add clipping option
  • BufNMFCross: Improve sound, add progress update and continuity control


  • MLP: handle inconsistent dimensions when incremental fitting
  • LabelSet: Fix JSON
  • MLP: Fix early stopping
  • Standardization + Normalization: Fix divide by zero
  • MLP: Fix concurrency issue when fitting and transforming on different threads
  • Pitch: Avoid negative confidence values



  • FluidDataSetWr: New interface to use DataSet::setPoint (breaking change)
  • KMeans: documentation
  • BufStats: documentation


  • Argument passing in .kr for some objects
  • Build settings on Catalina
  • Parameter passing on initialisation for some objects
  • Some problems when using internal server
  • Some inefficiencies with UGens



  • KMeans help: new examples
  • Improved indexing of reference documentation, especially on Max 7
  • Explanation of FFT settings’ impact in fluid.audiotransport~ help


  • UMAP helpfile error
  • RobustScale helpfile error
  • Build settings on Catalina
  • Cross-referencing between dimension reduction documentation

Known issues

  • FluidBufThreadDemo can be very slow on Windows (Max and SC)
  • SC: Behaviour of FreeSelfWhenDone with FluidBuf* *kr objects is unpredictable on Linux