Some Max abstractions with love

Hey all!

I decided to tidy up and share my abstractions I have been using throughout my flucoma patching time. I will extend the list as I go on, but there is already a few in here which may be useful for others too. If anyone feels like checking them out, I would really appreciate some feedback. The list as of now:

  • fluid.buf2trainingdatasets | Create input and target datasets for timeseries forecasting.
  • fluid.slice.getbounds | Get the start and end of a slice in ms.
  • fuild.slice.loudness | Analyze the loudness of a segment.
  • fluid.slice.mfcc | Analyze the mfcc of a segment.
  • | Play a segment from a corpus.
  • fluid.slice.spectralshape | Analyze the spectral shape of a segment.
  • fluid.windowgen | Generate a window for faded playback. ((my personal favorite :slight_smile: ))

Help patchers are included. Will update the list when there are new stuff (there are several planned…). (32.9 KB)