Some of you might have something to say about this

I’m not certain of what I think… it certainly does not sound remotely as good nor interesting as @danieleghisi ‘tabula plena’ approach to composition… but maybe I’m missing something beyond keyword dropping?

Another one, from one of my favourite artists this time (Bjork) but the video does not say much apart from the usual AI platitudes… it might trigger questions or inspire you in some way.


Reminds me of a Goodiepal lecture/performance I saw many years ago. (Paraphrasing what I can remember) He said, that you can go into a gallery, and then you see this boring work of art, where it’s bird moving around a digital space. And it’s there, and it’s really boring. And then you ask, “what is this?”, and are told that the movement of the birds is based on the stock market, and that this is “interactive art” (or a similar buzzword-y term, from back then).

This strikes me as the same kind of thing.

Musically, the sounds are cool (as in, samples from bjorks library), but what’s being done with it, and why, is super banal.


@rodrigo.constanzo I think we should play together… oh wait, I’m still in need of mixing our second album!

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