@startframe/@numframes attributes for fluid.bufnndsvd~

Was starting to build the thing from the other thread on fluid.bufnndsvd~ and I noticed that it doesn’t take @startframe and @numframes messages.

So a feature request post here on being able to do that, particularly since fluid.bufnmf~ can take those messages and they would often be used together.

For now I can fluid.bufcompose~ the section I need ahead of time, but given that this will be in a looper-y context, there will be overdubbing or other kinds of manipulations, which would require a fluid.bufcompose~ per-time that something changes.

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that is on the todo list indeed - to make it a similar buffer interface than all our other buf* objects

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I imagine that’s the case across the board as well, but when making this thread, Discourse reminded me of this one as well, which is a similar thing.

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