Starting Developer Docs

Ahead of the project becoming un-moored from having someone working on it as their job, I’ve started to assemble some very skeletal developer documentation at with the aim of starting to make it easier for other people to join in.

So far it’s limited to contribution and build system notes, plus two quite detailed walkthroughs of object code aimed at the @tremblap 's of this world who like to jump in the deep-end.

Because the task is basically limitless, it would definitely be helpful if potentially interested people could let us know what they would like to see prioritised for covering next. My assumption is that most people would be interested primarily in making new objects, and so this would come ahead of starting to cover the dark and musty corners. (not least because I’d like a lot of those dark and musty corners to change / go away as part of a future effort to make it easier to develop new objects!).

Anyway, use this thread for suggestions, or take advantage of the handy github links on the docs pages to make suggestions more directly.