TB2 bpatcher issues

I have issues with the bpatcher’s hard coding some paths. The error can be seen in the max console when I try to select a sample from the FluCoMa media.

The problem is that embedded bpatcher’s don’t play nicely with loadmess and thispatcher it seems. After probing it with prints it seems that loadmess will fire and thispatcher just outputs nothing. I tried deferlowing the message but that did nothing too. My solution is copying the patching from inside the bpatcher, making it an abstraction and then pointing the bpatcher to that abstraction rather than embedding.

yeah, @weefuzzy’s love of embedded patchers and Max’s painfully unpredictable loading and loadbang order is a bit of a regular struggle he comments upon…

Renaming the folder in Packages to something like Flucoma-TB2… is also breaking a lot of stuff.