The twitter "man nip"

Angela just said to me “can you please tell them to change the twitter name to anything other than ‘Fluid Corpus Man Nip’”.

I had to look up what she meant:

I can see where you are going with the abbreviation, but perhaps it is too close to the man nip…

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Better Manip than Man, considering all gender issues in our field, right?

I never saw Man Nip in Manip… and you know where I come from… and Flu Coma is much worse!

Maybe just “FluCoMa Project” as the long name?

@weefuzzy and @groma whadayathink?

FluCoMa Project looks fine to me

Yeah, if there isn’t room for ‘manipulation’. I hadn’t even noticed the ‘mannip’

ok you win. I have to say…

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