Toolbox 2 alpha 0 (-2)

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fluid.bufaudiotransport~ helpfile ‘out result’ should be ‘output result’

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also, need BANG to process!

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Is this the current/latest of TB2?

nope! this one is

for you guys. We are many versions in here but we are working on interface improvements as you can read from the other threads…

Man, I don’t understand these discourse stickies. I see it has a pin in it, but I have no idea where that is pinned…

it might be that we have set the preferences of the pin wrong. We can decide if they are pined forever, or for a specific user’s X visits.

I’ll sort that one now, let me know how it pans

Is this the Alpha from December 2019 or is there a newer one?

The same from December. Some deep plumbing by @weefuzzy and @groma has happened since them, and more is happening. Soon, an update which should make some things more flexible (which is not an easy task) and we hope an acceleration of the various contributions (which is replicating the last toolbox’s dev cycle if you remember)