Trying to split a 3 channels decomposition buffer into 3 distinct buffers

I’m currently having a 3 channels buffer which is the result of a decomposition used with bufnmf. I’d like to split this buffer into 3 distinct ones in order to get each of them into their own granular synth and play them simultaneously.

But given my level in Max (beginner in Flucoma), I can’t seem to wrap my head around this.

Could somebody give me a helping hand please?



fluid.bufcompose~ is what you’re after.

Easiest way would be to create three destination buffers (buffer~ one, buffer~ two, buffer~ three) then use fluid.bufcompose~ to copy each channel over individually.

So something like:
fluid.bufcompose~ @source yourDecomposedBufferName @numchans 1

Then send it a message like:
destination one, startchan 0, bang

Then repeat for each buffer (incrementing the startchan count).

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Thanks a lot for the help !