Typo in `fluid.bufnmf~`

Unless an actiovation is a technical term I’m unfamiliar with, this looks like a typo:
Screenshot 2020-10-27 at 6.33.30 pm

(also, should I keep putting TB1 bugs/whatever in the forum, or move those to github now that it’s public?)

Feel free to use GH, if not too much trouble.

(Actiovation (n.): an especially lively round of applause)


I guess “basis” is also a typo here, as the attribute (and thing) are @bases.

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I was about to make a new thread, but noticed that I brought up this typo before. I wonder if it’s worth waiting for the 1 year anniversory before fixing it?

It is the singular. There are spectral bases which are themselves each a basis, but I see the confusion.

Done :slight_smile: