Typo in fluid.spectralshape~ reference

The link to a wiki has a bracket outside of the URL:


actually that is a bug of the help parser script, so something for @weefuzzy - good catch!

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I’ll look more closely when I’m back off leave, but I think this is actually a restriction on the amount of magic the restructured text parser is prepared to do in dealing with URLs automagically.

From reStructuredText Markup Specification

Punctuation at the end of a URI is not considered part of the URI, unless the URI is terminated by a closing angle bracket (">"). Backslashes may be used in URIs to escape markup characters, specifically asterisks ("*") and underscores ("_") which are valid URI characters (see Escaping Mechanism above).

Which I interpret as saying either try escaping the parentheses with backslashes, or help the parser along by enclosing the URL in < and > (see emedded URIs).

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Now I’m more offended by the mixed upper/lower case “URI” (u r i?!).

Yes, URI: Uniform Resource Identifier - Wikipedia

Ok, that makes more sense. I read that as some bizzare version of URL.

it worked! a bit of shenanigans but it is there now!

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