Understanding Padding Using Fluid.bufpitch~

A useful help patch in max explaining fluid.bufpitch~'s three padding modes with helpful visual feedback. The patch aims to explain why padding is used, and how it effects the fft window placement.
(updated based on feedback from @rodrigo.constanzo)
whereismydata.maxpat (52.9 KB)


I think @tedmoore will like this :slight_smile:


if anyone wants to see the patch in its full glory, there is a bug fix on fluid.waveform coming soon… and I hope to translate that patch in SC and Pd later this summer

I guess it would get laggy dragging around while recomputing, but it would be good to be able to change settings and see the graphic update without having to manually select the padding mode again (unless I’m overlooking something).

Also, and this could just be an OCD thing, but the default fftsettings of “1000 500” kind of weird me out…