Understanding UMAP

As part of my PhD writing today I was making a widget to help show how UMAP works.


Here is the result! It lets you re-run the reduction process and change the epochs, neighbours and minimum distance.

While hunting around the umap js port I was using I found this great website that explains in a number of ways the intricacies of UMAP. It is seriously great!

lots to chew on in this last one particularly.


this is sooooooooooo cooooooool! Thanks so much for sharing!

This is porn! Congrats and thanks!

Thanks for the love <3 PA kindly pointed there are errors when re-running the visualisation so I’m in the midst of fixing that (once I hear back from the library maintainers).

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Do you mean that my bug was true, and that it wasn’t yours but even lower? This feels vindication, squared :slight_smile:

I confirmed it for you last week I think. The bug runs deeper than my code(:

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