Unsupervised Mapping Patch

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share a little patch I did to control anything with anything (but it has to go from one list to another of smaller dimensions). Just feed it something between 0. and 1.

I used it to control video synths from light sensors (and didn’t want to know what my gestures would do), but you can feed it a video matrix and control a synth, or real-time descriptors to control dmx flame throwers…

It will be unsupervised, so you will never know if this will do that. But hopefully, it will understand something out of your inputs.

unsupervisedMapping.maxpat (78.6 KB)


I get an error:

Could not load class ‘ej.lslide’

can we get that Java object please?

Oups sorry about that, this is from Emmanuel Jourdan ejies package.

Here are the two missing files
ej.lslide.zip (4.5 KB)

And here is a revised version using jit.slide
unsupervisedMapping.maxpat (84.9 KB)


Thanks, I’ll get my dmx flame throwers out of storage now :smiley:


seriously, if you have a quick demo of your use, that would be fantastic (as I have fingers in a few other coding pies at the moment :slight_smile: )

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Yes sure!

Here is a simplified version of a patch I did to control video (and initially DMX lights) from Arduino sensors. Just click on Fake Sensors and something should happen!

demo.zip (21.3 KB)


wow these fake sensors do bring the best of that synth :slight_smile:

seriously, thanks for the code, it is inspiring!

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