Using FluCoMa Core with JUCE, iPlug2 etc

Hi all, I wonder if FluCoMa algos are usable as a C++ library in coding framworks as Juce, iPlug2 and the likes. If yes is there any simple example to get started? tanks!

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Yes-ish :smile: Stuff in the fluid::algorithm namespace should be usable with other stuff, although there’s some utility types to get one’s head around, and some dependencies. And we generally assume C++17 (although some of the algos may actually work as far back as C++11).

What we haven’t done yet is decouple and export the algorithms’ CMake stuff so that it can be used without pain in another project. I’m afraid that for the moment you need to pull the deps from our CMake yourself: flucoma-core/CMakeLists.txt at 001df55ada2fbe65c4aa3f8b664a2d3a85896d29 · flucoma/flucoma-core · GitHub

There’s a long example of a CLI application in the flucoma-core repo: flucoma-core/examples at main · flucoma/flucoma-core · GitHub. Do let us know how you get on – we’d be very keen to both improve the algorithms’ usefulness as an API and to expand on the examples.