Using FluComa to generate pulse patterns

One things that I experiment with a lot in my practice is generating rhythmic sequences. I like patterns but also tend to want to vary some aspect of them, usually to break the rigidity of a strict pulse, to add syncopation or non-repetition.

Usually I will will start with something like an or a LorenzTrig, cross-fade between the two, add pulse dividers. I’ve tried different strategies like using TBall or MultiTap delays to add nuance and create a sense of traction.

Recently I did a metric modulation experiment with two with independent tempos going in and out of sync. It was unsuccessful in the sense that it was hard to vary the tempo and get them to go back in sync. In this case I did everything on the server and avoided using Pdefs and things like that.

I’m trying some new experiments now, using FluidPitch on my voice and mapping the pitch to a rhythm. The confidence controls the gate of an envelope so that I can control the speed and phrase length with my voice.

I have a new idea that I’m trying to image how to realize. I’d like a continuous bed of pulse which speeds up ann slows down in response to some input. I’m thinking along the liens of a feedback patch but I’m not sure exactly how to realize it. Which part of the sound would be analyzed as input and what would it control.

Has anybody else tried to do anything similar and have ideas? What are your stragegies for dealing with pulse?

@weefuzzy and @pasquetje have both done things along those lines. Both have articles on them by @jacob.hart in the learn section. I find their lateral thinking very inspiring!

Thanks @tremblap : I am slowly working my way through these articles and examples.

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