Version 1.0.5 Help needed!

Dear all

As we are now reaching the end of the funding period, we’ll need some help in maintaining our toolset and the learning platform. The team has shrunk last summer from 5 people full-time to 1.2, and is about to go to 0… hence the slower release pace… but there are a few exciting new things that could do with a release!

Now, no need to be a C++ ninja to help! Reporting bugs and typos, improving examples in your favourite platform, brainstorming explanations, ideas, and subprojects, everything is possible and helpful!

For this first experience, I need help testing a new object or all platforms, and new features on a few old ones. You don’t need to compile or anything, I can just point at stuff to try and comment on :slight_smile:

If you are interested, we might make a thread here per feature to avoid cross-contamination of ideas?

Things ready-ish to test:

  1. a new fluid.(buf)sinefeatures object which is a spectral peak detector behind the fluid.(buf)sines object
  2. a brute force query in fluid.dataset
  3. a review of the example file of each distribution (max/pd/sc) to check if all code works with the current interface (there are some wrinkles in SC I know of, for instance)

More things coming but I don’t want to promise too much for now.

I am interested in testing how we can make it work as a group. Let me know what you think.


Yeah totally down.

Don’t know if a separate thread per thing is needed, especially as it’s only a few new bits. If it is quite a bit more then perhaps breaking it out may be better.

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ok let’s try a list here - I’ll add more as I finalize merging to dev, corrections and stuff. All tests need to be done on the NIGHTLY as this is the pre-release :slight_smile:

new features:

  1. test (buf)sinefeature on Max
  2. test (buf)sinefeature on Pd
  3. test (buf)sinefeature on SuperCollider
  4. test the new kNearest search in Max
  5. test the new kNearest search in Pd
  6. test the new kNearest search in SuperCollider

corrections and changes:

  1. :white_check_mark: test all code in the example folder on Max
  2. :white_check_mark: test all code in the example folder on Pd
  3. :white_check_mark: test all code in the example folder on SuperCollider
  4. SuperCollider: check multichannel expansion is consistent

obviously, any typo/error/omission in helpfiles and docs are also welcome!

so 1 2 and 3 I’ve done but someone else need to do to check I am not the only one for whom it works :slight_smile: if anyone on Windows or Linux could try that would be even better. @pasquetje asked for those 4 years ago :slight_smile:

ok I’ve done #9 now, it is a PR but I’ll merge later today.

#8 done - :fire:

#7 done - :sparkler:

added brute-force search on dataset. I used it myself in Max and SC and it works fast for every changing queries, post datasetquery, so @rodrigo.constanzo should be happy :slight_smile:

the nightlies should be ready to download at 18:15 GMT

EDIT: nightlies are now read to test!

I just got the note from the summary email thingy. Of course I am up for testing, I’ll jump right to this in a bit and report here. :slight_smile:

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ok if nobody has found any problem, we’re about to release

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