[YouTube Tutorial] Classifying Sound using a Neural Network in SuperCollider

Checkout this YouTube Tutorial using the FluidMLPClassifier in SuperCollider to classify timbre.
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thanks for this, explains very well the usage of sc for mlp/supervised learning in sc3, as well as general concepts of how flucoma integrates into sc3.


your SendTrig could easily be replaced by a triggered poll (poll(trig) … but thats really just nitpicking… :wink:

Looking through the documentation, I could only find a much more complex example for the usage of the MLP (in its Helpfile); I think it’d be really great to add your code there as well, or make a “How to classify” Tutorial in the SC Helpsystem… :slight_smile:

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Hi @lfsaw!

Thanks for the feedback. We’re in the process of revamping the help files and examples so keep your eyes peeled for more files showing up and being shuffled around.

It’s a good suggestion to put this example in the FluidMLPClassifier help file, we’ll make sure it’s in there!



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