Confetti (M4L devices (some using FluCoMa))

A bit of a cross-post from the lines forum, but here are Confetti, a bunch of devices I’ve been making which take bits from my older Max patches and makes them easier to use.


Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 2.17.15 pm

Library of M4L devices based on the modules in The Party Van, Cut Glove, and TPV2.

I will slowly add more modules to this as I go through and convert them, generally with some refactoring/improvements, and better commenting/documentation. At the time of posting this 7 have been completed. I will also be creating some new ones in the same formfactor (working on a simplified and improved version of The Chocolate Grinder at the moment, which will be a more accurate emulation of a skipping CD player).

The first major refactor is the revamped version of Cloud.


Cloud is an onset-based “real-time” granularization effect with some snazzy machine learning under the hood.

The parameters are as follows:
Activity - Determines the overall rate of activity (including grain durations)
Mode - Selects between “chunk” or “grain” mode. (chunk is a slow/singular playback mode with grain mode being a fast/granular mode)
Pitch - Controls random playback speed depth. (0 = no speed manipulation)
Timbre - Crossfades between different signal decomposition layers (0 = “harmonic” layer only, 50% = all layers, 100% = “transients” only
Blend - Blend between dry and wet audio (50% = both at 100%)
Width - Stereo width of grain playback


Live/M4L or Max (Mac/Windows).


Additional documentation/videos forthcoming.
Cloud uses the HIRT and FluCoMa libraries (all dependencies are built into M4L device, so no need to download anything).


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