"FluCoMa for Pedagogues" Document


We now have a resource that documents some of the experiences and insights about teaching FluCoMa that we’ve gathered over the past year+. We hope that it will be useful for anyone teaching using FluCoMa (or machine listening and machine learning more generally).

It is rather full but is still a work in progress (some sections yet to be done!) so comments and observations are welcome!




This is super handy.

Would be great having a direct link off the flucoma.org page for those not super familiar with github as what seems link a direct link leads to a page that throws up an error with only one tiny button that will actually get you the file:

Huh, interesting. My github displays the pdf quite nicely. There’s still a bit of contribution to the document yet to happen so we were hoping by linking to the github those changes could slip in and the link would stay true. When it is complete we’ll host in on flucoma.org as well making a permalink for it.

It’d be great to hear your thoughts on the doc Rod as I know you do both a lot of teaching and thinking about FluCoMa!

It actually shows up ok on my laptop, but my desktop (on Mojave and era-appropriate Safari) it give me that error. I’m pretty sure I’ve viewed github’d pdfs on that computer before though.

Yeah, will give it a more detailed look and let you know if anything pops up.

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era-appropriate means… which version? :smile:

14.1.2 (I was on my laptop at the time of writing that, so couldn’t check)