Fluid.ampslice~ documentation

After having a bit of a discussion about this object with @tremblap (and the team) a few months ago (and having bounced a version of the Max-based version of the patch with @tremblap for years before that) I left somewhat understanding the complxity of the parameters and what they do.

That being said, having those things assigned to names that are divorced from a symbolic meaning and seeing the presentation today, I ended up fairly confused about what does what.

I can’t imagine a way that you can communicate all of it in the helpfiles (or anywhere else) with just text. The problem is way too complex, and even the series of didactic sc examples shown in the second plenary don’t really illustrate what the parameters are doing, only the results they have.

On that, I remembered a subpatch in a little tutorial a friend (raja from the Max/monome forums) had made that helped me understand the grooveduck abstraction fully. It used visual aids in a way that worked well and was fairly compact so it still made sense in a helpfile.

This is that subpatch:

I think you need something like this for the critical parameters in fluid.ampslice~.

(and for good measure, attaching the complete “lil` sampling tutorial”)
Raja’sLil’SamplingTutorial.maxpat.zip (801.8 KB)

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These are good examples of explanations indeed… but:

the names are actually directly link to the task at hand. minSliceLength is the minimum length of the slice… we will do the examples like i did with the presentation though, so graphic interactive values in the help (or the examples) should help grasp the nuances.

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Yeah, they make sense (to you in particular) but in looking at a long list of attributes, lots of names like minslicelength, maxslicelength, etc… it’s difficult to picture what that means.

Even when you demoed the stuff in SC you used a visual example for what each parameter was doing since it’s kind of an abstract concept much of the time.

What I mean with “symbolic meaning” is “what it actually does”, not so much the naming convention stuff. I don’t mind the names here.