Fluid.bufonsetslice~ crash

Max crashed when triggering processing. Up till that point it was fine. I’m not sure what my IO settings were but I am running on Mojave 10.14.3 and Max 8.0.2.



it’s a bit short for a bug report in term of reproducibility, but maybe @weefuzzy will have enough info in the bug report to find a way.

Hard to say without a patch, tbh. It could be that a buffer disappeared at some point; obviously this shouldn’t cause a crash, but looking at the report, it’s a possibility.

This is using the example from the help file. The third tab.

ok I can reproduce I’ll fill a bug report. This is a nice catch, thanks! Maybe I should tell you how to reproduce - but that would spoil the fun of you finding how to do a good bug report :wink: You can ask me for a kind tutorial, or @a.harker for a more forceful one… in all the cases, thank you for reporting!

Sorted. Will try to push an update tomorrow (alpha04a)

ok deffo sorted, and stereo examples added. I need to make the full checks before releasing but in the meantime do not use stereo buffer inputs to this object.

Alpha04a: minor bug fix update is published and sorts this.